Frequently Asked Questions

Why you select Joly Toys as your factory for long-term of cooperation?

Quality First , Joly Toys' goal is to make sure your products are made the way you want them to look and feel, all the raw materials are the best, and there are more than 150 skilled workers serve for all your products. 

It’s All about the Detail , Cute, fierce, friendly, silly or any other style you like, our team of expert in-house plush designers will work closely with you to make sure we capture your product’s personality.

We Make Sure it’s Safe , Our products are safety tested by accredited 3rd party testing companies and comply with safety standards set by the CPSIA.

How long is your lead time?

After the product is confirmed,  we need to take 40-50 days for production and packing.

What is your minimum order?

MOQ (minimum order quantity ) for Teddy toys above 24” is 1000 pcs.

MOQ for other kids toys and dog toys is 1200 pcs. 

MOQ for cat toys is 1800 pcs, due to the small material to be used.  

For all products, we accept minimum purchasing value at USD5000, or there will be a handling charge of USD500.

Can you revise of my sketch, material and prototype ? 

 Yes, we can.

What is the payment terms?

 A : We need 30% of commericial invoice as deposit,  followed by balance payment prior to the release of Bill of landing.

Is slave labor / child labor used in my factory ?

It never happens in our factory.

Any TREAT can I get if I order often ? 

Once your accumulated orders exceed total of USD 100,00.00, we will ship one smaller order than MOQ at the lowest price.